A visa is required for travel to Australia. For business visits up to 3 months, the traveler must apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).


This type of Australian visa application can be submitted on-line. 2 Passport Requirements: For travel to Australia, the passenger must carry an original, signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay, with at least one blank visa page available for stamp(s). Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for stamps. 3 Special Instructions: Citizens of select countries may obtain an Australian visa electronically. This type of Australia visa is called an ETA.

Australia ETA Eligibility List

This is the list of eligible passports

Andorra Austria Belgium Brunei
Canada Denmark Finland France
Germany Greece Hong Kong (SAR)* Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan Liechtenstein
Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Monaco
The Netherlands Norway Portugal Republic of San Marino
Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan** United Kingdom - British Citizen United Kingdom - British National (Overseas)
United States of America Vatican City

Note: Electronic Australia visa (ETA visa) information is stored electronically. The traveler will not receive any document in the mail or physical materials from Travel and Visa. This type of Australian visa is issued and sent electronically (via email). 4 Complete the online order form Australia Visa Validity: An electronic Australia visa (ETA visa) is generally valid for one year from the date of issue and allows multiple entries with a stay of up to 90 days per visit to Australia.

Upon request and for a fee of $100.00 paid directly to the Australian Authority, a business long ETA can be issued. This type of Australia visa (ETA business long visa) is valid for the life of the passport and allows multiple entries into Australia with a stay of up to 90 days per visit. Australian Visa Processing Time: Australian ETA visa applications are usually processed in 48 hours. Rush service is be available for additional fees. Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession.

Australia Visa Validity: Australian visas are usually valid for up to five months based on the consulate's discretion. Australian Visa Processing Time: Australia visa applications are usually processed in 3 to 4 weeks. Rush service may be available for additional fees. In order to ensure that visa applications for most embassies/consulates are submitted on the day that we receive them, they should be shipped to us via FedEx Priority Overnight (not First Overnight or Standard Overnight). Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession.

Australia Business visa fees for citizens of United States

Type of visa Maximum validity Processing time Embassy fee Service fee Total cost
Multiple Entry up to 365 days 0 business days $ 20.00 + $ 44.95 = $ 64.95

Maximum Stay in Australia : 90 days

Please, note that the processing time is calculated from the next business day following the receipt of your documents.

All Visa Processing is in business day(s), the shipping doesn’t count towards your Visa Processing time, please keep this in mind and plan accordingly.


In case you do not require passport expediting service or visa processing service, you can apply directly through the U.S. Department of State and avoid paying service fees, as well as directly through consulates of the countries you need visas for - see embassy and consulate list

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