Please note that the possession of a Kenyan Visa is not the final authority to enter Kenya. The immigration officer at the port of entry may deny entry if the visitor is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements and if the entry and presence of such a person in Kenya would be contrary to national interests, even if such a person is in possession of a valid visa for Kenya.

Visa Requirements

  1. Valid Passport ( Not photocopy ) –– To Be Submitted Along With The Application Form.
  2. Passport will be mailed back once your Visa has been processed.
  3. Completed (Filled in) Application Form duly signed.
  4. Copy of flight Itinerary/Letter from travel agent on company letterhead confirming booking.
  5. Two Passport size photos (NB: Computer generated pictures are not acceptable)


  1. Single Entry: Allows you to enter into Kenya once
  2. Transit: Allows a short stop over (up to 24 hours) in Kenya
  3. Multiple Entry: Allows multiple times entry into Kenya
  4. No Visa required for direct Transit (not leaving the airport) NB: A single entry Visa would allow re-entry to Kenya from any of the following East African Countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda)

Kenya Business visa fees for citizens of United States

Type of visa Maximum validity Processing time Embassy fee Service fee Total cost
Business Single Entry up to 180 days 5 business days $ 45.00 + $ 49.95 = $ 94.95
Business Multiple Entry up to 180 days 5 business days $ 70.00 + $ 49.95 = $ 119.95

Maximum stay in Kenya: 30 days

Please, note that the processing time is calculated from the next business day following the receipt of your documents.

All Visa Processing is in business day(s), the shipping doesn’t count towards your Visa Processing time, please keep this in mind and plan accordingly.


In case you do not require passport expediting service or visa processing service, you can apply directly through the U.S. Department of State and avoid paying service fees, as well as directly through consulates of the countries you need visas for - see embassy and consulate list

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